Family Island Farming game v2022184.0.19736 (Lastest Update)

Family Island Farming game v2022184.0.19736 (Lastest Update)

Family Island™ — Farming game Apk info

Family Island Mod APK Game is a game where you have to help a family to survive on a desert island by helping them to build a shelter and produce the food they need .In Family Island Mod APK Bruce, Eva and their children have ended up on a remote desert island by accident. We don’t know how long it will take for them to be rescued so the best thing to do is to set about helping them as soon as possible to get set up and survive. The family’s most urgent concern is to get food for subsistence and to build a shelter where they can take refuge. This is where you come in, because you are going to manage the cultivation of crops, the breeding of animals and the building of a shelter. You will start from scratch but will be able to develop and level up to the point where you can build a mansion and a huge farm.


This is a farm management game where you will have to manage resources and create new ones in order to develop. All with the aim of helping the members of this family get back to their lost family and tribe one day. As you improve their lives their technology will improve too, allowing them to expand onto other islands and trade and allowing you to be in contact with other game users.

Game Features :

★ Enjoy your adventure to the Stone Age era! Get creative and start farming, using cool ancient technologies
★ In this farm game, you can unleash your inner explorer and set on a thrilling adventure to new islands
★ Start your own family farm on the deserted island! Grow crops and craft useful goods to trade with other characters
★ Customize your farm with beautiful decorations
★ Get to know the family better and guide them through exciting quests and life stories in this island game


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Family Island Mod APK
Family Island Mod APK
Family Island Mod APK


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