Navicat Mega Pack Selective 07-29-2021 + Keygen_ Free Download
Navicat Mega Pack Selective 07-29-2021 + Keygen_




 Free Download PremiumSoft Navicat Premium 15 (32-bit/64-bit) full version offline installer for Windows PC it is a database development tool that allows you to simultaneously connect to MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases from a single application.


Navicat Data Modeler 3.0.15 x64


Navicat Data Modeler 3.0.15 x86

Download Version

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Navicat Essentials Premium 15.0.26 x64

Navicat Essentials Premium 15.0.26 x86

Navicat for MariaDB 15.0.26 x64

Navicat for MariaDB 15.0.26 x86

Navicat for MongoDB 15.0.26 x64

Navicat for MongoDB 15.0.26 x86

Navicat for MySQL 15.0.26 x64

Navicat for MySQL 15.0.26 x86

Navicat for Oracle 15.0.26 x64

Navicat for Oracle 15.0.26 x86

Navicat for PostgreSQL 15.0.26 x64

Navicat for PostgreSQL 15.0.26 x86

Navicat for SQL Server 15.0.26 x64

Navicat for SQL Server 15.0.26 x86

Navicat for SQLite 15.0.26 x64

Navicat for SQLite 15.0.26 x86

Navicat Premium 15.0.26 x64

Navicat Premium 15.0.26 x86

Overview of Navicat Premium 15

Compatible with cloud databases like Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, SQL Azure, Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud. You can quickly and easily build, manage and maintain your databases.

Data Transfer, Data Synchronization and Structure Synchronization help you migrate your data easier and faster for less overhead. Deliver detailed, step-by-step guidelines for transferring data across various DBMS. Compare and synchronize databases with Data and Structure Synchronization. Set up and deploy the comparisons in seconds, and get the detailed script to specify the changes you want to execute.

Manage both on-premises and cloud databases such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, SQL Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Google Cloud. Just simply establish connection using the pertinent information that your cloud databases provide.

Features of Navicat Premium 15

  • Seamless Data Migration
  • Diversified Manipulation Tool
  • Easy SQL Editing
  • Intelligent Database Designer
  • Increase your Productivity
  • Make Collaboration Easy
  • Advanced Secure Connection

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV or higher
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 2 GB or more
Navicat Mega Pack Selective 07-29-2021 + Keygen_


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Navicat Mega Pack Selective 07-29-2021 + Keygen_

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