Photo Mechanic Plus Latest Update Activated

Photo Mechanic Plus Latest Update Activated

Photo Mechanic Plus includes all the speed and features that are in Photo Mechanic with the premium addition of a powerful image database. All the functions and features of Photo Mechanic are just as you’ve always used them, with the new feature of catalogs for indexing every photo you’ve ever taken.
Scroll A Million Photos Without A Pause
Photo Mechanic Plus takes performance to a new level. Browse a million photos without stopping.

Powerful Search Box
Search gives you the power of simple or complex searches to find what you’re looking for across multiple drives

Saved Searches
Craft exact advanced searches and then save them to always be able to find exactly what you need

Browse by date, camera, lens, rating, color class … anything you need!

Multiple Catalogs
Use, search, or browse multiple catalogs at once. Keep yourself organized among several projects or search through everything!

Use collections to combine images from multiple folders or drives into cohesive units to keep yourself organized or present to clients.

Whats New
Added: Uploaders – increase the maximum number of concurrent uploads to eight. This significantly increases the performance of uploading images, depending on the service and server. This setting is adjusted in the Connection Settings accessed from the Upload dialog.
Added: Support for Sony a7Rm5 and ZV-1F models’ makernote data.
Added: Ability to force a full rescan of a Contact Sheet, even if the directories have not changed. Hold down the Modifier Key (Option on macOS, Shift on Windows) while choosing the Rescan menu item from the View menu.
Fixed: Amazon S3 uploader – allow client to specify login region.
Fixed: No error message appears when Uploaders fail to create a copy of transmitted photos.
Fixed: When importing preferences, do not import upload connections that already exist.
Fixed: “Apply” checkbox does not clear for Alt Text or Extended Description fields in Metadata Template dialog.
Fixed: Append checkbox for Extended Description field changes state to ‘checked’ when the Clear button is selected.
Fixed: Not displaying GPS information in JPEG files from Vivo X60 Pro smartphone camera.
Fixed: Adjusted the default number of lines for the Alt Text field from eight to two and the Extended Description field from eight to three.

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